Ryanne Phillips was born in North Orange County, California. 
Works and studies in Orange County
Ryanne Phillips, a native of Southern California figurative draftsperson whose drawings are aimed at navigating the intricate realms of feminine beauty. Drawing upon the ethereal concepts of idealized femininity prevalent in the Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite movements, her work reflects a keen focus on beauty for its own sake. Her drawings serve as a homage to the timeless allure of the feminine form, embodying an aesthetic that transcends temporal boundaries. Her curiosity about the natural world, combined with her interest in art history, mythology, folklore, and personal introspection, shapes her current body of work. Having honed her artistic skills at the Laguna College of Art and Design, where she pursued both her undergraduate and current master's programs, Ryanne has established skills and techniques of  figurative drawing. Her work has been exhibited in various venues and published in art magazines such as Southwest Art and Bold Journey.
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